Main Park Entrance Closed Saturday/Sunday; Use Chesswood Entrance (see Location Page)

Yoga and Bodywork

In partnership with the Spiral Movement Center, we offer a 1-hour Yoga for Climbers class each Wednesday at 8pm.

Pricing (HST included):

  • One class: $15; True North Climbing members: $9
  • 5 class pass: $60; True North Climbing members: $35

Classes are drop-in; just show up before the class and pay at the front desk, or get your 10-pass card punched at the lesson. The class is held in our party area in the north-west corner of the gym (across from the kiddie bouldering wall). We have a good supply of yoga mats and blocks, but feel free to bring your own if you have one.

Important Note: This Yoga programme will be ending as of May 28, 2014.

Biomechanics Private Sessions and Workshops

Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka are co-directors of the Spiral Movement Center in Leslieville.  They are pioneers in the Somatics field and have developed many innovative biomechanics techniques to relieve people suffering from chronic pain.  They offer private bodywork sessions for those climbers seeking to recover from injury as well as private biomechanical evaluations for those climbers who wish to improve efficiency and decrease the risk of climbing related-injuries.   The fees for private sessions are:

Single session               $130

4 session bundle          $440

8 session bundle          $720

All prices include HST (35% discount for yoga 10-pass holders).

Gottlob & Oka are Registered Somatic Movement Therapists with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).  Below are some testimonials for their exciting work:

“My wrist has  been delicate and painful for well over five years and I learned to modify my activities.  I did seek medical help several times from  different modalities, and I couldn’t be helped.  Yuji offered to take a look at it, and said that he could probably fix it in one or maybe two treatments. To my surprise, after one single treatment, I was about 80% better. And this summer I rode my bicycle over 200 km in a day with no serious wrist soreness!     —James Snetsinger

“Yuji & Stephanie have a unique way of helping people heal from injury.  Unlike chiropractic treatment, their therapy is gentle and based on helping train the body to use muscles correctly to enhance healing and  prevent future injury. They have a knowledge of anatomy and mind/body inter-workings that is extraordinary and have treated my knee, back, shoulder and arm over the course of more than a year. They can immediately figure out what the problem is, how to limit the discomfort and what needs to be done to heal and get stronger. Knowing them has taught me a lot about my own body.”— Barry Elkind, PhD

“For about 3-4 years now, I have been having pain in the right shoulder.  After suffering from sporadic & fragmented treatments from doctors and physical therapists, I had the luck of  meeting Stephanie & Yuji.  They immediately saw that my underlying problem was  bad bodily alignment that over the years led to accumulating injuries.  Their holistic & systematic approach to injury rehabilitation (& their persistence and encouragement) put me, finally, on the fast track to recovery.  Professionally, they   are masters of  their art.” — Anton Karnoup


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