The Policies

We ask that all visitors to the gym observe the following policies. Most of these are in support of the safety of everyone in the facility, while some are intended to ensure the comfort of others, or to assist us in keeping the gym clean. Thank you for understanding the clear reason for each policy.

  • We ask all visitors to the gym to check in immediately on arrival. This is our opportunity to ensure everyone has a valid waiver in place, as well as check for expired memberships or punch cards. Sometimes there is an alert or important notice attached to your file, and your check-in brings these to our attention. This also helps us maintain accurate records of the traffic in the gym.
  • Please walk, don’t run in the gym. If you are running, you do not have enough time to watch out for hazards, such as climbers who are falling or being lowered.
  • Please avoid excessive noise (don’t shout). We all want to cheer on our friends and help them get to the top, but too much noise makes it hard for a belayer to communicate with their climber, and may also disturb others.
  • Please don’t swing the ropes around. A swinging Grigri can hurt a person, and can also cause damage if it smashes into the wall.
  • All areas of red flooring are out of bounds for those under 13. These are advanced areas that are generally beyond their skill level. This policy is also intended to provide some separation between young children and serious climbers. We make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis for exceptional youth climbers.
  • One at a time on the slacklines, and please don’t interfere with someone while they are trying to keep their balance!
  • All training equipment is for the use of adults only. This includes:
    • system board
    • hang boards and chin-up bar
    • campus board
    • all weights
    • rope ladders
    • gymnastic rings

    We make exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis for exceptional youth climbers.

  • Only True North Climbing’s Instructors may provide instruction in our facility. This means you may not teach your friend how to belay! This is important to keep our insurance company and lawyer happy, and is intended to maintain a consistently high standard of safety. Exceptions to this policy are made on a case-by-case basis only for qualified professionals who have a formal arrangement with True North Climbing Inc and provide proof of sufficient insurance coverage of their own.
  • Men (OK, women too!) are asked to keep their shirts on in the gym. While some women enjoy seeing guys shirtless, many are more comfortable with a little mystery. (This policy does not apply during competitions.)
  • Please use a chalk ball, rather than loose chalk in your chalk bag. Large amounts of loose chalk affect air quality in the gym, and make it more difficult to keep the padding clean. (This policy does not apply during competitions.)
  • Please keep all food and drink (except for water) out of the climbing area (i.e. off the padded flooring). Drinks get spilled, food gets ground in, and we want to keep the padding clean. No chewing gum please!
  • Please keep your belongings (other than your climbing gear, of course) out of the climbing area, preferably in one of the lockers in the change rooms, or in the cubbies. You can buy a lock if you didn’t bring one. As packs and bags accumulate in the climbing area they become a tripping hazard and make it difficult to get around the gym, especially on busy days. A cell phone left on the floor is likely to get stepped on. A cell phone in your hand while belaying (yes, we have seen that!) is a very dangerous distraction!
  • Please watch your language when children are around

Please supervise all children in your group, and ensure they observe these policies. Children who are out of control are a danger to themselves, and a distraction to others.

Our staff will intervene as needed to provide polite reminders of these policies. We appreciate your help in keeping our facility as safe as possible, and respecting others while you have as much fun as possible.

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