I just wanted to tell you that my partner and I made our first trip to True North today.  We spent about 4 hours there, and I feel that I can now say that Toronto has a great climbing gym!  We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to going back as soon as possible.

The highlight was climbing one of the 5.8′s on the stalactite, and we loved the view of the CN tower from the top!  I also felt quite triumphant to have climbed the chimney.  We spent a lot of time bouldering, too, and the same thing we found on the vertical routes was true of the bouldering – really nice routes.

The staff were friendly and professional, and the atmosphere was great.

Thanks for opening such a great faciility – it’s well worth the trip from downtown (and you can quote me!).

- Becky G

I organized a team-building event at True North Climbing, and though our group had a wide range of climbing abilities, everyone had a great time.  The friendly staff made sure we had everything we needed.  We had fun and challenged ourselves at the same time.

-Lisa F

My girls aged 7, spent a week at True North this summer in a climbing summer  camp. I was impressed with the light, spaciousness and diversity of climbing adventures for everyone, and soon found myself exploring climbing. I must admit it is exhilarating and fun. I have never been in any gym climbing or otherwise that had such a professional and edgy feel.
My girls had an amazing time, the staff was friendly and they immediately felt at home. Kids love to climb, and that’s what they did, all week, and so they were very happy. I learned firsthand how safe climbing is in such an environment and feel completely comfortable allowing my girls to learn and become confident with a new skill such as climbing. It is physically demanding, but also teaches balance and best of all each climb is different so they were constantly using their mind to solve the problem of how to go higher. Thank you True North.

-Jayne M

This turned out to be the best birthday party we have had at various different types of facilities. Every single one of them had so much fun. All wanted to stay longer and do more.

- Ken T

My 10 year old son and his 14 friends had a fantastic time at True North Climbing. By dividing the boys into groups of four, there was very little waiting time for them to try their turn at scaling all the crazy walls.  The variety of the climbs were wonderful as the boys also had lots of chances to free climb as well as testing their balancing skills on the ropes.  The staff were engaged, patient and encouraging.  The true testament of this adventure was the long silence that followed the climbing, as the boys sat around the table stuffing their faces with pizza and looking truly content. Thanks for a great party.
- Claire A

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