Membership Plans & Benefits

We offer 3 forms of membership:

Monthly Prepaid: Pay a lump sum and you’re a member for one month from that date. When the month is over your membership is done.

Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): We charge your monthly dues to your credit card on the 10th of each month. When you sign up you buy “prorated dues” to cover you from that day through the next 9th of the month, and also prepay the next 2 months. That is the extent of the commitment we ask; with the expectation of continued membership, the monthly fee is lower than for the Monthly Prepaid membership. You can cancel anytime after those initial 2+ months by giving us notice well before the 10th of the month (the terms on the membership form say 30 days notice but we are generally much more flexible than that, as long as you have been a member for at least two months). No initiation, administration or cancellation fees!

Annual Prepaid: This is the best value of all our membership plans. Pay a lump sum and you’re a member for one year from that date. When the year is over your membership is done. Annual Prepaid members also have the option of freezing their membership for a period of 30 days or more for $8/month (+ 25 cents/day for partial months), extending their expiry date by the number of days frozen. This allows you to recapture time lost due to injury or travel, even retroactively.

Pricing for all membership plans is posted here.

Membership Benefits

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • unlimited climbing whenever the gym is open
  • discount on rental shoes & harnesses
  • discount on our Lead Climbing Course
  • discount on Private or Semi-Private Instruction
  • discount on Youth Recreational Programmes (when the child is a member)
  • discounts on admission to special events (e.g. Reel Rock Film Tour, Warrior’s Way Mental Fitness Clinic)

We have also negotiated discount rates for our members with the following partners:


The Monkey Vault is Toronto’s Parkour Training Centre.

This centre is a place for movement. Parkour, Art Du Deplacement, Freerunning, Street Acrobatics, whatever you want to call what you do, the base of each remains the same. Each requires discipline, each requires proper training. That’s why this place exists. That’s why the people inside it train so passionately. This place was created to inspire others to reach newer and higher levels, push people past their previous boundaries, and allow them to prove to themselves what they are made of. We all have monkeys inside us, but as we grow older this feeling, this passion for movement dies away. It shouldn’t. Come play with us, let us help you revive it.

True North Climbing members are eligible for a discount of 15% on all services at The Monkey Vault.

National Squash Academy (NSA) is Canada’s first and only squash facility dedicated to growing the sport from the ground up. In conjunction with Athletic Training Professionals’ (ATP) high performance training gym, NSA will offer nine singles courts, including Canada’s first all-glass exhibition court and all-glass North American doubles court, as well as locker rooms, lounge and pro shop amenities in their new location in the Downsview Park Sports Centre, coming soon in 2010. Train alongside former world number one singles player and Squash Director Jonathon Power and his team of world-class coaches.

For more information e-mail or visit

True North Climbing members are eligible for a squash-only membership for $35/month (regular price: $40).

Zen Climb (

Zen Climb provides outdoor rock climbing courses on top-rope climbing, rappelling, sport climbing, trad leading, multi-pitch climbing, anchor setting, improvised rock rescue and alpine climbing.  Our courses are conducted at Rattlesnake Point near Toronto, crags along the Niagara Escarpment and the Canadian Rockies.

True North Climbing members are eligible for a 10% discount on all programmes with Zen Climb, up to a maximum savings of $50. (Note: this discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.)

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