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We offer the following instruction services:

  • Introductory Lesson:  For those who have not climbed/belayed before, the Introductory Lesson ensures that they know the 3 fundamental skills needed to climb safely:
    • Putting on the climbing harness
    • Tying into the climbing rope with a figure-8 follow-through and keeper knot
    • Operating the belay device (“Grigri”) properly to take up slack as the climber goes up the wall, and then lower them gently to the padded floor when they’re done

The Introductory Lesson costs $35 including HST per person, and includes admission for the day and the rental of the climbing harness and shoes. You must be 13 or older to take the lesson. Lessons are offered every hour on the hour, with the last lesson each evening starting at 8:00 pm. Each lesson can accommodate up to 8 students. Please call us to book your lesson in advance to ensure there is room at the time you prefer.

  • Introductory Lesson Package: For an additional $15 including HST, you can add a 1 month membership to the gym to your Introductory Lesson. The membership starts the day of the lesson, and also includes equipment rental. This offer is available only in conjunction with the Introductory Lesson, to new customers with no previous membership history.
  • Weekly Technique Classes (Free): every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 we offer a half-hour technique lesson. The topics rotate from week to week, so check our online calendar or the monitor at the front desk to see what’s coming up next. These classes are free to all with a day pass or membership.
  • Intermediate Technique Course: For those who have been climbing for a few months or more, and are finding themselves “stuck” at their current level, whether that level is 5.8, 5.9 or 5.10.  The class covers the following areas of climbing technique:
  • Precision Footwork. Including:
    • Effectively Weighting Your Feet
    • Careful Foot Placement
    • Pulling And Pushing With Your Feet
    • Technical Heel Hooking
  • Shifting Your Weight. Including:
    • Keeping Your Arms Straight
    • Effectively Using Your Hips
    • Rock Overs
    • Drop Knees
    • Flagging
  • Using Momentum. Including:
    • Dynos
    • The Arc of Motion.

Email us at intermediateclass@truenorthclimbing if you are interested in this course.

  • Lead Climbing Course: When you are ready to advance beyond top-rope climbing, our Lead Climbing Class will teach you what you need to know! The course consists of 6 hours of instruction in 2 3-hour sessions, normally held about a week apart. One of our instructors will assess your climbing level to be sure that you are ready for lead climbing before signing up for this class. Before taking the Lead class, you should have been climbing for a year or more, and be able to onsight 5.9 routes and redpoint 5.10-. You should expect to climb 8-10 climbs between 5.7-5.9 during each 3 hour session, so you need to be strong enough to do that with a little rest in between climbs. Those taking this class are expected to provide their own equipment: rope, belay device (choice of a tube device such as a Petzl verso or ATC, or a Grigri, or both) and a locking carabiner for each belay device. We run this class for groups of 2, 4 or 6 people at a time. Email us at leadclass@truenorthclimbing if you are interested in this course.
  • Private and Semi-Private Lessons: We can schedule private or semi-private instruction for those who want to work on improving their technique.

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