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School Groups

True North Climbing is a great destination for a school field trip. Our school programmes combine physical activity with learning new skills, and kids have fun while pushing themselves to try something new and exciting.

There are two ways your students can take advantage of all this:

  • Children 13 and under can have fun top-rope climbing, bouldering, slacklining under the close supervision of our staff (staff: student ratio of 1:5). The staff members ensure the students are properly tied in, and operate the belay device as they climb. We can also train your staff to do the belaying, if they want to come in for a lesson in advance.
  • Children 14 or older do all the above, but also have the opportunity to learn about how to climb and belay safely. They learn how to safely put on a harness, tie the rope to the harness using a figure-8 follow-through knot, and operate the Grigri belay device to take up slack as their partner climbs, and lower them safely to the padded floor when they reach the top. After this training (which takes about an hour), they are qualified to climb independently.

True North Climbing takes extra care to make our facility as safe as possible. The climbing area is entirely padded, from the 6” padding in the roped areas to 12” in the advanced bouldering area. Our padding is seamless to reduce the chance of injury when landing on the edge of a pad.  We also have climbing helmets available at no additional charge for school boards that require them.

Teachers who are organizing a school event need to pay close attention to ensure that every child arrives with a properly completed Minor Waiver form signed by their parent.

Please help us make sure that no child arrives without this necessary form, as we cannot allow anyone to participate without it. We strongly recommend collecting all the waiver forms several days before your event, and carefully reviewing them to make sure all parent initials and signatures are filled in.

Our waiver forms are available for download from our web site:

Adult form (18 or older)

Minor form (under 18)

Our student programmes cost just $23/child including HST for a 3-hour session, and the gym is available every day. We can design custom activities for your group as well. Feel free to contact us at info@truenorthclimbing com, or by phone at 416 398-ROCK (7625) if you need any additional information.


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