Main Park Entrance Closed Saturday/Sunday; Use Chesswood Entrance (see Location Page)

The Walls

As a gravity-defying activity, rock climbing brings with it the perception of being an “extreme sport”. The reality is that indoor climbing, when done properly, can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Our goal at True North Climbing Inc. is to take all reasonable steps to reduce the inherent risks of climbing to an absolute minimum, and to make sure all our customers are aware of the best ways to manage them. We want to tell you what we are doing to make your time with us as safe and fun as we possibly can, as well as make sure you know how you can climb safely.

Our climbing structures were built by Eldorado Climbing Walls of Boulder, Colorado. Eldorado has been building climbing walls for more than 15 years, and has designed and installed hundreds of walls across North America. These guys know what they are doing, and they adhere to and exceed the standards drawn up by the Climbing Wall Association, the relevant industry trade group.

Eldorado’s detailed engineering plans were reviewed and stamped by their structural engineer in Colorado. Before construction of the climbing structures began, these plans were reviewed by another structural engineer here in Toronto, licensed in Ontario, and stamped to indicate his approval of the design. The plans were then submitted for approval by Downsview Park (roughly equivalent to a building permit process), and reviewed again by their engineering consultant. In total, three structural engineers have had a good look at what they built. In addition, the local engineer visited the construction site twice to inspect the structure as it was being built.

You can be confident that the wall structures are solid, even that stalactite hanging down from the ceiling!

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