Climbing competitions are a great way to have fun climbing while getting more involved with the local climbing community. Despite the name, competitions (“comps”) are much more friendly than competitive.

We are proud to have two climbing teams representing True North Climbing at competitions across Ontario and beyond:

Youth Competitive Team: We have 19 kids ranging from 8-18 years old on our Youth Competitive Team this year. The team trains 6-9 hours each week in the gym, and then represents True North Climbing at competitions roughly every other weekend throughout the competition season (fall to spring).

Adult Competitive Team: We also have an Adult Competitive team of 12 men and women, some competing in the Open category and some at the Recreational level.

We feel strongly about fair play and proper behaviour by all who represent our gym. All competitors, parents of Youth competitors, coaches and other officials must sign our Competition Code of Ethics.

We are very appreciative of the support of The North Face Canada, who have stepped up to equip both of our competitive teams.

You’ll see 3 kinds of competitions here at True North Climbing:

  • Tour de Bloc bouldering comps: The Tour de Bloc is Canada’s national series of bouldering comps. There are local comps across the country, regional championships for the Atlantic, East & West regions, and then a national championship. The format typically has a large number of bouldering problems available (40-60 is typical), and usually your top 6 problems count toward your score. There are 4 categories at each of these comps:
    • Recreational: for people who don’t climb very hard, and mainly just want to have fun.
    • Experienced: for better climbers who push themselves a little more.
    • Open: for the top climbers who are serious about competing. Open competitors vie for points based on their ranking at each comp, and the total points over the entire season determines the selection of Canada’s national climbing team. At each comp the open competitors first do a Qualifying round; the top 6-8 men and women then advance to a final round where they face 4 or 5 new problems that they have not seen before (called “isolation format”). The finals are always an exciting spectacle for all the other climbers to watch.
    • Youth: for those under 20, broken into sub-categories based on the climber’s age, including an under-11 category for the youngest kids!
  • Youth comps (both bouldering and roped climbing): Running along side the Tour de Bloc schedule is a series of Youth comps for those under 20. Youth locals include both bouldering a roped climbing (Difficulty) competitions. The format can vary from comp to comp. There is also a Youth Provincial Championship in each discipline, plus Youth Regionals and Youth Nationals, leading to the selection of the Canadian Youth Climbing team.
  • Various other local comps: For the past 5 summers the SummerSweatFest comp series has brought a more laid-back form of bouldering competition to several gyms in the Toronto area. We may host other local comps from time to time as well.

Signing up for a comp is a great way to meet other climbers, and have fun while working on improving your climbing. You do not need to be a very strong climber to enjoy a comp; if you can do a lot of the yellow-tape bouldering problems in our gym then you’re strong enough to have fun at a comp. Think of it like mini-golf: you carry a scorecard but you don’t need to take it seriously!

Upcoming Competitions at True North Climbing:

  • Eastern Youth Regionals, April 19/20, 2014

Previous comps we have hosted:

  • August 18th, 2011: SummerSweatfest Bouldering Competition
  • April 2nd & 3rd 2011: Ontario Provincial Youth Championships
  • February 26th, 2011: Tour de Bloc Bouldering Comp
  • August 19th 2010: SummerSweatFest (bouldering)
  • July 22nd 2010: SummerSweatFest (bouldering)
  • March 27th, 2010: Tour de Bloc Local (Opening Day of the Gym)

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