Business Policies

In order to keep our growing business running smoothly, and out of respect for all of our customers and employees, please note the following policies:

Advance Booking & Payment Required:
Many of our services, including all lessons, Weekend Scramble Sessions and all group events, require advance booking to ensure you can receive the service you want at the time you prefer. There are times when it is possible to walk in and obtain a lesson without advance notice, but we are often booked to capacity, especially on weekends and holidays. Booking in advance allows us to manage our staffing schedule in a sane manner, and helps us serve you better.

  • Introductory Lessons should be booked a day or more in advance. The more people in your group, the more advance notice may be required.
  • Weekend Scramble Sessions should be booked several days to a week in advance.
  • Birthday parties, Day Camp, school, youth and corporate groups should be booked at least a week in advance. Large groups (more than 20 people) may require more advance notice to arrange sufficient staff.
  • Lead Classes are organized one at a time based on the availability of those on the waiting list and our instructors.

A deposit of $125 is required for all group events when they are booked. Weekend Scramble Sessions, Day Camp, Youth Programmes and Lead Climbing classes must be paid in full when they are booked, because every booking for these programmes affects our staffing.

Please arrive in time for your event!
Our facility is often busy, and a delay in one event can potentially affect other customers scheduled later in the day. Please arrive early enough to be ready to start your event at the scheduled time, allowing time for transportation, signing in and paying any balance outstanding, and processing of waiver forms as required. If you arrive late for your event, you may lose some of the time allocated. If you are late for a lesson you may be bumped to the next available time slot, or to another day if all following time slots are fully booked.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
Your event can be canceled and your payment will be refunded in full if you notify us at least 48 hours before the start of your event. While we will do our best to adapt to changing needs, cancellation or rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice may result in the forfeit of your deposit or prepayment.
For group events, we plan our staffing based on the number of participants you confirm with us in advance. If you bring more people than planned we may not be able to accommodate your entire group. If you bring fewer people than planned you will still be expected to pay in full for the number of people booked, since we will have booked staff based on your expected number. If some members of your group are not fully prepared to participate (including missing or incomplete waiver forms for children under 18) you will still be expected to pay in full for the number of participants booked. These are simply specific examples of very late cancellations, and we are unable to offer refunds or reduce the amount owing in these cases.
For Youth Programmes and Lead Climbing Classes that involve multiple sessions, there are no refunds available for missed sessions. We will do our best to fit you in to another session corresponding to what was missed, subject to availability. For Youth Programmes that go on for several weeks, there is usually 1 make-up class available on a date that is specified when the programme begins.

No Credit or Deferred Payment:
Payment is expected on arrival, or when a product (e.g. food) is obtained. Please do not ask our staff to pay at the end of your visit, or to run a tab. This is extremely difficult to keep track of, especially as our staff changes over throughout the course of each day. There is an exception to this: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) members may have purchases posted to their account to be paid along with their next month’s dues, when there is a Manager on duty.

Customer Satisfaction is Important to Us
The policies described are necessary as part of the operation of a busy professional business. We hope you understand the reasons behind them. Our goal is for every customer to have a great time every visit, so they will tell their friends and family about us and help grow our business. If you have any concerns or complaints about our facility or the service you receive, please bring them to the attention of our staff. Should you not be completely satisfied after discussing your issue with a staff member, please contact the gym’s owner, John Gross by phone at 416 398-7625 or email at

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