Main Park Entrance Closed Saturday/Sunday; Use Chesswood Entrance (see Location Page)


See those two lines of nylon webbing strung between the large posts in the middle of the north side of the gym? Those are called slacklines, and they are another “falling sport” related to climbing. Slacklining started from climbers horsing around at their campsites after a day of climbing, stringing their webbing up and trying to walk on it. It’s sort of like a tightrope, except it’s not tight, and it’s not rope! The line is bouncy (like a very thin trampoline), and while it’s tricky at first, anyone can master it with enough practice. Start on the shorter beginner line. It’s two inches wide, and a little easier to balance on. Try to lean forward a bit, keeping your knees bent, and look ahead rather than down at your feet. Before you know it you’ll be taking a few steps before you tumble off the line!

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