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Our Staff


Clint Searle, Gym Manager and Head Instructor

Clint has officially been in the climbing industry since 1997, when he became certified as an Outdoor Top-Rope Instructor and Level III High Angle Rig Rappel Rescuer. Before indoor climbing he had been an avid outdoor climber many years prior, climbing anything from trees, buildings and the odd lamp post, as well as the cliffs and rocks of Ontario, BC, Kentucky, West Virginia, New Hampshire and the UK.

Along with the years of experience in recreational and competitive climbing and bouldering, Clint has also been on the administrative end working as a climbing gym manager in Toronto. He is also a licensed helicopter pilot!



s2smallShaun Hunter, Head Routesetter, Head Coach of Youth Competitive Team, Director of Youth Recreational Programmes

Shaun has been part of the True North Climbing team since before we opened our doors in 2010, and has added to his setting experience by setting about 15 comps for youth and adults, including  both Youth Regionals and Tour de Bloc Regionals (where he was head setter). He pioneered our Youth Recreational Programmes, and has overseen the growth of our Youth Competitive Programme.

Shaun is certified as a Climbing Instructor by both the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (Level 2) and the Climbing Wall Association (with Lead endorsement). Shaun likes small dogs and raisin bread.



Jeremy McDougall-Jobin, Assistant Gym Manager

Jeremy joined True North in 2012, bringing with him experience in the climbing industry and various programmes at the YMCA. He became our Assistant Manager in April 2013, and now leads our Day Camp programme as well as organizing our Intermediate Technique and Lead Climbing classes.

John Gross, Owner

After 25 years in the computer animation software business, and 5 years of recreational indoor climbing, John took the leap into the climbing gym business. He spent months researching and networking with people in the climbing community and attended the Climbing Wall Association Summit conference in Boulder Colorado in April, 2009 before committing to the project.

John has “competed” in 6 Tour de Bloc events, consistently helping the other climbers look good. He  was raised in North York and lives near the gym with his two cats; his 2 kids are both away at university most of the time.


All of the True North Climbing Inc. Instructors and Routesetters have current Standard First Aid with CPR training from St John Ambulance. We are pursuing certification for all instructors, and almost all have now been currently certified by either the Association of  Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or the Climbing Wall Association (CWA).

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