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True North Climbing is a proud member of the Downsview Park Sports Centre.

We are located on the south side of the Downsview Park Sports Centre, 75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 14, facing the outdoor soccer fields. Note that knowing our address or relying on your GPS  may not be enough to get you to our door, as navigation within the park can be tricky the first time! The map below should help.

Note that construction of a new hockey complex is complicating vehicle  access from the west side of the Downsview Park Sports Centre. We are hopeful that the construction there will be completed by the end of April 2014, including many new parking spots for the hockey rink which will improve our sometimes-busy parking situation.

You can also reach us via the east side of the building. Beware of the speed humps (1 foot high!) that are intended to slow traffic coming around the Sports Centre. You really need to proceed slowly!

You enter the park at the main entrance at John Drury Dr:

Beware of subway construction on Keele that often slows progress southbound from Finch to Sheppard.

We can also be reached by taking TTC bus 101 (Parc Downsview Park) from the Downsview subway station. From May to September this bus runs daily, every 20 minutes until 10:10pm. From September to May the bus runs only on weekends. It’s a 10 minute ride, and you can get off at The Hangar, at the north east corner of 75 Carl Hall Rd. Then walk a few minutes to our door around the south east corner of the building.

75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 14
Downsview Park Sports Centre
Toronto, Ontario
M3K 2B9
phone: 416 398-ROCK (7625)
fax: 416 398-4011

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